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The Foundation

The Parmenides Foundation, headquartered in Pullach/Munich, is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering multi-disciplinary basic and applied research on thinking, at the interface of the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The foundation was established in 2000 in close cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. It is probably the first research institution bringing together such a broad variety of disciplines and perspectives in studying the specifically human capacity of complex thinking. The faculty of the Parmenides Foundation consists of around 40 internationally renowned scientists, who represent the broad range of disciplines required in scientific research on human cognition. Since its inception, the Parmenides Foundation has organized research programs, workshop series, talks and conferences on the topic of human thinking, with the objective of transcending disciplinary boundaries and breaking new ground. Its funding stems from three sources: the original foundation capital, major national and international research grants (including a Senior ERC Grant), and license fees for products and services based on research findings.

By applying the findings from basic research in the fields of Medicine & Health Care, Education & Science, Strategy & Finance as well as Democracy & Governance, the Parmenides Foundation is dedicated – beyond generating scientific insights – to also having a practical impact.

The self-accelerating increase of complexity is probably the most fundamental cross-cutting challenge of our epoch. We develop methodologies and tools to support the human brain in the rapidly increasing challenge of coping with complexity.

With its three pillars of research, education, and application, the foundation aims to be a valuable partner for:

  • research scientists with backgrounds in the sciences or the humanities looking for an inspiring research environment,

  • associates and partners who want to join the research and dissemination efforts,

  • public or private institutions that wish to get to know and utilize novel methods, tools, and services for coping with complexity,

  • educational institutions, teachers, students, postdocs or executives from the private and public sectors who want to participate in Parmenides programs, as well as

  • collaborators and contributors who wish to support the foundation and its applications.