Andrej Nikonov

With a background in theoretical physics and after working in the Software industry for many years with an increasing focus on data science and artificial intelligence, Andrej Nikonov became a member of the Parmenides Foundation in 2011. He participated in research that strives for a sound understanding of how human reasoning tackles complexity and how, in turn, humans can be assisted in the endeavors of our modern society. In 2016, he also became the CEO of Cognostics AG, which is a close cooperation partner of the Parmenides Foundation. At Cognostics he has focussed on building personalized and AI-enhanced applications, in particular for the areas of eLearning and healthcare.


Selected Publications

A. Nikonov, A. von Müller, (2015), Autogenetic Network Theory, in: Re-Thinking Time at the Interface of Physics and Philosophy, Springer.