Image by  Rahul Gupta

Image by Rahul Gupta


Cognitive Excellence Program

The key to copy with Complexity and Unpecedented Challenges

In a Nutshell

  • Complexity explodes, structural change is the new normal

  • “Standard recipes” no longer suffice; outstanding, authentic thinking skills become the crucial resource

  • Basic research produced powerful means to deal with complexity and to interpret and shape processes of structural change

  • In the CEP top scientists familiarize the participants with a powerful visual reasoning language and 24 selected thought patterns from different disciplines

  • Results:

- Outstanding skills in authentic thinking and innovative problem solving
- New means to communicate and implement the findings
- A push for the innovation culture of a company and an improved CQ
(corporate intelligence quotient)

Why is it needed?

  • Self-acceleration of techno-scientific progress

  • Rapidly growing complexity and permanent structural change

  • Interacting with transition to a global, increasingly knowledge-based economy

  • Conditions in which standard solutions no longer suffice

  • Need to find genuinely novel solutions by means of outstanding, authentic thinking skills

  • But: art and craft of outstanding thinking hitherto hardly ever addressed, and never taught as such

who should attend?

  • Board members, members of the supervisory board, and company owners

  • High potentials

  • Heads of governmental and non-governmental institutions

  • Leading investors

Components of the Curriculum

  • Introduction to the theory of complex thinking and its neurobiological underpinnings (25%)

  • Introduction and practical application of a visual reasoning methodology that supports the human brain in dealing with high-level of complexity and represents knowledge in an interactively re-thinkable format (25%)

  • Study of 24 powerful thought patterns and hands-on exercises in applying those (50%)

  • The thought patterns have been identified and prepared in an international, five years research program initiated by the Parmenides Foundation

  • The CEP covers 24 thought patterns:

- 6 from physics, mathematics, theory of complex systems
- 6 from evolutionary and developmental biology
- 6 from cognitive and neurosciences
- 6 from philosophy and the study of complex thinking

the key takeaways

  • Massively improved capability of participants to think innovatively and to develop solutions for unprecedented challenges

  • Concrete strategic proposals for challenging issues – equivalent to the output of high-level consulting

  • A major push for the corporate innovation and CQ culture (“corporate intelligence quotient”) and systematic focus on IP generation as well as utilization

  • A strong cross-cutting network of alumni and future co-operation partners

  • A powerful means to attract and keep high potentials, i.e. to succeed in the “war for talents”

  • ACP (advanced cognitive profiling) as a new means for high potential human resource development

  • A strong, pre-connected task force for demanding innovation and transformation projects – and for trouble-shooting, if needed

The Format

  • 6 two-day seminars at the Parmenides Foundation, distributed over 6 months

  • Block formats are available on request, minimum 12 participants

  • All lectures are conceptualized by a leading scientist in the respective field and a management expert

  • Minimum number of participants per institution 6, maximum number of participants per course 24

  • All groups of 6 members are entitled to define a theme for a full-fletched strategy-project that is carried out during the course

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